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Women In Art History

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Class Bulletin Board/Forum

Mountains and Seas
Helen Frankenthaler

HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO CONTRIBUTE -the link below will take you to the class forum 
Remember you are required to do two postings to the forum for each unit. Please click the link and follow directions. You will need to have an ID and password to sign in and participate. The ID and password are yours alone. Do not loose them.
After you receive your password and ID - please remember to post to the first thread. That will be your introduction. Tell us who you are, why you are taking the class, your hobbies, your family situation, your country, or any other interesting piece of information about you that will make us all want to get to know you better.  And then....see you in class!

Lee Krasner (1908-1984)

Don't be afraid to speak up and give your opinion.  Not everyone has to agree about everything.  If you are in question about the appropriateness of a posting please feel free to email me with your concerns at