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Women In Art History

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In Depth....Further Study

Don't stop here.

This course is a beginning. It is the most basic introduction to the history of women in the world of art. Now that you have an understanding of the way women became artists, (the way they fought to do their work,  and how) they  made art that was meaningful to them, despite the obstacles that were thrown in their way, you may be interested in finding out more about the lives of the women in this book and others. 
Further study will prove to you that as fascinating as the art these women created was, the lives they led were more than just biographies to read.  The lives of women artists, and most artists, male or female for that matter, are filled with enigma, distress, extremely high highs, and low lows. Not every artist is a bundle of emotional raw nerves, but artists are often more in tune with their feelings, and thus they live their lives on the large scale. If every life is a picture show, then certainly the life of an artist is an academy award winner. 
I encourage you to take the time to investigate and find out more about the women who have struck a chord with you personally.  If there is one artist which you have read of that makes you inquisitive, or makes your mind feel it has expanded by knowing of her, then read about her life and struggles,  and you may just find a kindred soul who speaks to you not only through her art, but through her story as well. 

A wonderful website that traces the writings of women from antiquity is called  OTHER  WOMEN'S VOICES

A few of the more important sites for art and artist biographies:

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