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Women In Art History

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Women In Art History Syllabus

Frida Kahlo

This is an online course designed to be completed within a 6 week time frame.

Overview and Objectives
Women in Art History 101 is an introductory course that traces the chronological contributions of women in the historical context of art making.  The focus of the course is to highlight the importance of women as art makers throughout the ages.
By the end of the course the student will be familiar with women artists in several different artistic movements and eras, and will be knowledgeable about the works they produced, as well as the personal and professional struggles they encountered as women artists. 
Additionally students will come away with an understanding of the political climate that contributed to the almost complete dissappearance of the female voice in conventional art history. 

Required Reading

Slatkin,Wendy Women Artists in History - From Antiquity to the Present fourth edition Prentice-Hall 2001 

Recommended Reading
In each unit of the course you will find a list of recommended reading material that applies to that section. These books or articles although not required, will help give you greater understanding of the subject area, and can be valueable resources for your final project. Also, please feel free to use the forum to recommend any additional books that you find on your own. 

Course requirements:
For each subject area there will be a reading assignment as well as a short written reflection. The weekly reflections should be no longer than 1-2 pages in length and should not be a scholarly study but instead your impression of what you have read and how you feel it impacts your learning in this course. 
Threaded Discussions
There will be 6 threaded discussions. One for each unit of study.  

To earn full credit, please post at least two responses for each unit, and check back frequently throughout the week to read your classmates’ responses to your postings. The first posting in each subject area should be based on the readings, and your second response should be to another student's original post.

Final Paper/Project
The final paper for this course will be a study of one woman artist.
The paper should be between approximately 5 -8 pages in length, and should include the woman's early life, her struggles either as an artist, or her life as it relates to her work in art. 
Also included should be examples of her work, her primary goal as an artist, the type of media used in the pieces, and a statement of your own understanding of the chosen artist's development and meaning of her artistic work. 
Finally, the paper should compare and contrast her work to that of a particular male artist of the same genre and era. Talk about the ease of commisions, schooling, acceptance from the community in general, and sale of work if it applies.
Final Exam

The final exam will be available online anytime during the last week of class. It is made up of 6 short-essay questions, based on the course readings and lectures. It is open book/open computer, just be sure not to close the browser until you submit your answers. 

Point Breakdown: 



Project Paper




Threaded Discussion


Final Exam






Need some help with this week's assignment? Check out the "Tips and Hints" page.