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Women In Art History

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Tips and Hints

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Occasionally students need extra help on an assignment or a friendly reminder about what is expected of them. On this page I'll put some useful tips relating to class projects so you can find the help you need even when I'm not available. And I'll be sure to update the tips and hints when new assignments are due.

General Study Tips

Reminder:  When taking a class online, remember to pace yourself accordingly. You have 6 weeks to complete the work for the class. At the end of the 6 week period I will post the final exam. Before the final I will give you more information about taking the exam and what to expect on it. 
Also keep in mind, when writing, never forget who your audience is. The written word is meant to be read, but it won't always be read by the same audience. Tailor your writing style to suit the people who will be reading your work.
When posting your comments on the forum please use rules of writing etiquette and common sense.  Although I do not take off for spelling errors, this is a college course and I do expect college level writing.